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Our Services

The clean energy and transport transition provides enormous opportunities for small, medium and large businesses as well as local, state and federal governments. Next System can provide tailor-made consulting, financial analysis and strategic planning to help your organisation start reaping the benefits of clean technology.

Our comprehensive datasets and in-depth reporting provides you and your organisation with the high quality information needed to made good decisions. Our thoughtful analysis provides valuable insights and trends into the clean technology revolution.

Consulting and analysis

We are currently going through the largest industrial revolution in history. The world's transport and energy systems are moving from a centralised fossil fuel system to a decentralised system of renewable energy, battery storage and electrified transport. While complex, this transition provides businesses with huge opportunities to reduce energy and transport costs and dramatically improve efficiency.

The clean tech revolution will impact everyone and every business. Next System can help your organisation navigate the transition by providing quality, in-depth advice on what's happening.


We can help with:

  • Financial analysis and strategic planning for transitioning your fleet to EVs.

  • EV public charger network rollout and market analysis and usage insights.

  • Used EV market research to understand residual values and depreciation rates.

  • Training and education for your staff.

Australian EV fast charger installed capacity by network.png
EV and Energy Transition Reports

We provide data driven research on electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and the renewable energy transition. Our monthly and quarterly reports provide valuable up-to-date analysis and forecasting in a format that’s quick and easy to understand to help you make the best decisions for your organisation.


View all of our current quarterly reports here.

Australian EV Charging Map.png
Training and Workshops

Next System can provide on-site training and workshops to help your team understand what’s happening in the EV and renewable energy transition and how your organisation can benefit from clean technology.

Our workshops can be done onsite in person or online. Our presentations can be tailored to your needs. 

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